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My daughter and I were playing at a local park the other day and I started to talk to this other mom with twins her age. She seemed really cool, very AP, natural type and we were chatting for a while and I mentioned Julie's food allergies in passing. She seemed interested and told me about her own history with allergies and how she couldn't eat lots of foods for years till she discovered this line of products and now that she takes this supplement she doesn't have any problems. I thought - too good to be true, but nice for you, didn't say anthing though and thought maybe we'd see her and her kids again at the park...

I saw her again, she seemed cool again, she asked for my phone number because she was planning her kids' birthday party. A little weird for someone we had met twice, but I gave her my card. So today I get a call from her and she wants to introduce me over the phone to this friend of hers in Chicago whose kids had allergies blah blah blah. I thought it was a little weird again, but said okay. So she does a three-way call and this woman is a distributor for this Reliv product and basically gave me a sales pitch.

All my red flags were up at this point, but I was trying to be somewhat open minded...and am still trying to be I guess...but the idea was supposedly that if you get just the right nutritional balance your body can heal and life is grand. She said it's soy based, but that even kids with soy allergies do well on it. (Julie isn't actually allergic to soy as far as I know, but we've eliminated it because the soy protiens are so similar to dairy, and that has seemed to help keep her tummy happy)

I found their website at and it looks very salespitchy of course, and also vaguely pyramid-scheme type company to me. Again, my red flags are up. Still, the idea is tantalizing. The doctors didn't do diddly squat for us in figuring the allergies out - I did it pretty much on my own despite 18 months of dragging her into various doctors multiple times a month since she was born and getting the runaround. Alternatives start to look more appealing.

Anybody know anything about this company or its products?
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