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relocating to atlanta

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hello wonderful mommas !
we currently live in new jersey but we could possibly be relocating to atlanta soon....
apparently there is no API group, no Holistic Moms Network , no DiaperFreeBaby group there

now i have a few questions for you....

how will i find AP/CC folks and where?
how is it with home/unschooling? homebirths? vaccination?
i definitely need a tribe around me...

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Hi Natha. While there are not a lot of organized groups around here, don't worry, you'll find some of us just "around".
Of course, we are not the majority, but I don't think you'll get the look like you have two heads or anything!
I'm not totally in the know on homeschooling b/c mine are little still, but I do know plenty of homeschoolers and they are very accepted here. It's actually pretty common, though many are for religious reasons. Homebirth is pretty easy too, though not as common. I didn't have any problems getting the birth certificate, etc. Vaccination-hmmm, not quite as simple. There are only a handfull of docs that won't give you a hard time. But, school-wise, you only need to sign an exemption.
Do you know what to which area you would be moving? There's a group of us from MDC that get together pretty regularly in the Gwinnett/Dekalb area (those are counties
Let us know when you move and we will throw you an MDC welcome party
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Here is the link to a N GA homeschool group.

You should be able to find an atlanta playgroup thru them.

Good luck.

Remember Atlanta is huge so it depends where you are living. Ask around here before picking a place or 'burb.

And Life college is ther so lots of chiropratiors and natural living philosphy coming out of there.

I lived in nGA more than 1/2 my life and thought I was moving back but no it looks like it will be another 3 yr before we move back.


Hope you have a good move!
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While metro Atl might not be the most AP friendly place there are plenty of us out here. As previous post mentions Atlanta does sprawl quite a bit and that combined with traffic can make things a little tricky. I homebirthed my first child and plan on doing so with my second due this fall, we had no problem getting a birth certificate (though I filed relatively late) and are fortunate enough to live near one of the few doctors who allow hassle free non vax/delyed vax patients

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.Hope your job/house hunt and relocation go smoothly
thank you for your quick replies!

my dh is flying to altanta on tuesday, i'll keep you posted ;-)

thank you all sooo much!!!!

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You will also be able to find like minded moms at LLL meetings, which are held all over metro Atlanta.
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Hi Natha..

Have you moved here yet? We live in Avondale Estates near Decatur and love it. It's very open here and I've met some great moms who parent "naturally". There's a homeschooling group that meets at the local park here every Thurs and seem to be pretty active (my little girls is almost 2yrs so we aren't schooling yet). There is also several charter schools, several montessori, a quaker and 2 waldorf programs. Also, this area has a very active community. This is the only place that we could live in the city even though it's more expensive.

As for homebirthing, I had my first at home and am having my 2nd any day now at home too. There are several lay midwives all over the city. I haven't had any problems w/ it...the county is pretty open (Dekalb) and they know the midwife that I used.
There are also several CNM practices for hospital births.

We have a wonderful ped. who is knowledgeable in alternative med. and gives me no problems w/ vaccinating. It's also easy to get an exemption. Just type one up and have it notarized.

The cloth diapering scene is a little scarce but I know several moms who do /did use cloth...

So...there is hope in Atlanta...let me know when you move here and maybe we can meet! Good luck!

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Natha, If you want a diaper free baby group, you can meet me somewhere LOL!

I will be starting EC for the second time with my 5th baby this winter. I know of at least 2 or 3 other EC moms in the general Atl area, we just don't have an official DFB group because I guess none of us feels up to organizing one right now. Maybe I will put myself up as a contact person at least. I live on the south side of atlanta. There are a few other MDC moms here, but it seems like everything else, most of the action is on the north side. That is changing though! I just hope the south side can avoid the traffic troubles LOL!

Well..too late probably..but I wanted to chime in..I moved here from california and boy was I in culture shock the first little while..the group here on the MDC board (north/east atlanta meet ups) and LLL have been a huge help for my adjusting. I figured out I had to avoid Moms Club entirely...
I'm still having some problem finding a pediatrician that listens to me, but it will resolve sooner or later. The good guy here doesn't take my insurance..blah. I'm originally from NJ, by the way...and there is a gal I met here that lives nearby also from NJ..she is in my LLL group

Good luck with your decisions!
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