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relux, what works?

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ds (51/2 month with down syndrome) has reflux, not too bad, but probably because his meds are so high compared to his symptoms. he has complications saturating oxygen and is currently hooked up to O2 while asleep. because his airways are narrow, they don't want anything coming up which could irritate them.

so he was on lower range doses of reglan and zantac. but 2 weeks ago he started to spit up more and be irritable. his ped increased the reglan to .9ML 4xday and zantac 1.3ML 3xday. he spits up less and isn't irritable, but he is jerking all night in his sleep, something he didn't do until we upped the meds. although he is still sleeping about 10 hours at night (i know, the kid is so good to us!) and doesn't seem tired when he wakes up. during his daily naps he doesn't jerk.

we do keep him up 30 min after each feeding and have his crib propped up 4 in.

i've read the reglan posts that say it doesn't work and has side effects.
what are the side effects? (i read on the bottle about dizziness, headache, and on (?) that they could have something that looked like seizures, but weren't).

has reglan worked for anyone?
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