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I've done a search, but of course when you use the terms "homebirth," "midwife" and "list" a LOT of threads come up and I can't find the one I'm looking for.

There was a thread where the mama was having a homebirth and the midwives gave her an open letter to hang on the door addressed to all visitors regarding what they should/could do when they came to visit. Doesn anyone remember that thread? Have a copy of that list/letter?

We're having a homebirth and as no one offered to help us after ds's birth I'd like to implement some sort of "you visit you clean or cook" policy but am looking for a letter that I can sign my caregiver's name to. They (a group of docs who do homebirths) have no problem being the scapegoats and both families will listen to a "professional" more than just dh and I saying, "look, we need your help here, sitting on your butts expecting to be entertained, fed and able to hold the baby for hours on end just isn't going to work, so buck up." Hmmm, wouldn't it be nice to say that though?

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