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I just had to post to this. I EBF my DS with reflux until he was 2.5. He was a very frequent nurser (my LLL friends and I used to say that he only nursed once a day- for 24 hours, lol!). At 2 yo, he nursed as much, if not more, than a newborn. The BM was so soothing for his poor esophagus.

If your DD isn't eating much food, chances are weaning her won't help with that. BM is the best food for her b/c it is not only the most nutrition-packed food available but also a wonderfully soothing drink to help ease her discomfort.

As for nightwaking- DS's would increase substantially when his reflux flared. And teething will make it flare like crazy! The saliva of a teething baby is so acidic that it just makes reflux kids feel so much worse. What better way to help them feel better than nursing? Lots of cuddles and nice, soothing milk

You are doing the best thing for your DD, don't worry! I know it's hard to feel that way when you walk into such a medicalized area- they want everything measured and accounted for. Too bad they don't take the emotional benefit of nursing into account (never mind the physical benefit that they are also ignoring).

Take care and keep up the good work!

Mom to Carla (May 9, 1998), Jacob ~my reflux babe~ (Feb 3, 2000) and Aaron (Feb 28, 2003)
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