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My dd has reflux, and every time we see a GI doctor, I leave feeling like a bad mother. She's not gaining weight well, and they're varying degrees of appalled that she's still nursing, or still nursing a lot. They also think that it's impossible to consider how the reflux is affecting her nightwaking since she "probably only wakes up because she wants to nurse." If anybody else were posting this, I'd be all over it, verifying that EBF is a great thing to do for a child, and that it is NOT going to negatively affect weight gain, etc. But somehow these doctors' appointments leave me flailing and upset, feeling like I'm a bad mom.

My baby is nursing constantly around the clock, too. She's teething. I'm tired from that (although it's a phase), but it really rubbed it in the doctor's face-- she latched on six or seven times while we were there. She was probably anxious, too, though. We were there for over an hour, and he never said a single word to her, even when he examined her!

I feel icky. I need a pep talk.
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