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Share your story. We have many,many excellent writers on this board. I know.I've read your writings all these years!!!!

Who can write(from the site);

-Anyone genitally traumatized, injured, scarred, tortured, sexually deprived, or mutilated.
-Anyone forcibly cut in a medical, cultural, religious, or ritual genital cutting.
-Men who were circumcised against their will, even if as an infant.
-Women who were genitally cut against their will.
-Intersexed who were forced to undergo gender norming surgery.
-Anyone with an early recollection that may be from a genital cutting.
-Parents who regret having cut their children.
-Anyone traumatized by witnessing, participating in, or intervening with a forced genital cutting.
-Anyone in relationship with someone described above.

Remind others too! Put this to your blogs and enywhere you can think of!!
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