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Removing Super Glue?

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So I'm starting to unpack our winter stuff and get it ready for winter and decide what to keep and what to donate. I had a huge pile of old winter jackets, specifically DH's letterman jacket from high school.

Early this morning while we were getting ready for work DD was playing with all the coats. In the letterman jacket pocket there was a tube of super glue. It has to be at least 6 years old. Well she managed to open it and got it all over...herself. I read the instructions on the back and it said that finger nail polish remover gets it off skin. It sorta does but not the greatest job. We spent half an hour trying to un glue her pajama top from her stomach. WHile most of it is off there is still some on her hand and arm and a small patch on her tummy.

Any ideas what else would work? She didn't seem too scared and while I thought about bringing her in to the Dr., really what would they do that I can't? SO any tips or try this advice?
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It will eventually (like 2 days) come off on its own. Try soaking in the tub a lot. If it's not bothering her, I wouldn't stress. I think it's the acetone in the remover that takes it off, so you could try plain acetone. Maybe try baby oil too.

I can't use super glue w/out coating myself in it.
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If your remover is "Acetone-free" it won't work well.

It's yucky stuff but paint thinner will take it off.
I superglued a toy to my finger, and when the nail-polish remover didn't work I used Goo-Gone to get it off (can't do much with a toy glued to your finger).

I have glued toy parts to my fingers before, and nail-polish remover has gotten the toy off but left residue. In those cases just waiting a couple of days and washing frequently got the remaining super-glue off.

Dh says I shouldn't use super-glue anymore.
Poor kid! And poor you! I've glued my hands together so many times...

Acetone nail polish remover or straight acetone.

And give her a few baths. It'll take a few days but she'll be alright. It comes off faster than Sharpie. Don't ask me how I know this.
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Our DIY store has super glue remover next to the super glue on the shelves, I've had to look hard as they both come in very similar packaging. Sounds likes time might do just as well if it's not bothering you DD.
In my experience it eventually comes off. What bummer!
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