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DD (15 months) sleeps with us part of the night/morning. We have a king size bed that is up on risers (due to hubby's back problems -- lowering it isn't really an option), and have used bedrails on both sides since she started rolling around.<br><br>
She is now able to get down off the futon in the other room without help, and is getting the hang of getting out of our bed. (She is tall for her age.) I'm seriously thinking of taking down the bedrails for a few reasons.<br><br>
1) When she wakes, she immediately starts trying to crawl OVER the top of the rails to get down. I'm wondering if she'd do better just being able to get down feet first.<br><br>
2) It's really difficult for DH & I to get in and out of the bed with the rails on them, and I'm having more and more trouble getting up without waking her.<br><br>
I guess I'm wondering when you removed rails and how to deal with the fear that she'll fall out since she's used to there being rails there! I'm afraid to put blankets or something along side the bed because I think it would make her more likely to trip and fall, rather than just cushioning her.<br><br>
Am I overthinking this?
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