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Sounds as if we are kind of in the same boat. I am at times and emotional eater and am trying to get that 30 lbs of baby weight off. Now, i just started dieting yesterday, so I am sure there is someone here who has more advice. If the kids stressed me out, I felt like I had to go grab some chocolate or salty chips just for comfort. I am home all but 2 days a week, and then I am a toddler teacher and am packing healthy lunches.

I have noticed that I have been tired all the time since I had my 2nd child a year ago. I feel sluggish and have digestive trouble, always bloated. Yesterday I joined this group and where I am logging my food intake. I kept it under my calories yesterday. It was difficult at times because hubby brought him and the girls mcDonalds at 7:00 p.m. and it smelled soooo good, but i didn't give in. I ate a salad and when I found myself craving something else later at night, I rewarded myself with a relaxing bath instead that got me away from the kitchen. I am so glad I did that. It gave my body a break from eating all the time. I think at night my stomach finally got to rest instead of digesting all the food I normally would eat before going to bed. My stomach feels lighter and better today and I lost a couple of pounds just from not eating a ton of food.

We are also going to start going for walks when it is nice here, so we can get out of the house during the day. I am thinking long term about how nice it will be to be in that size 8 again or even a 10 and I can eat something i crave occasionaly then. I also thing that when I really start dropping I will find alternatives to reward myself for losing weight, such as a night out by myself without the kids to go shopping, or hubby taking me to dinner, buying some perfume, etc.

I think one of the best ways to not eat all the bad food, is just don't buy it. That is what I did. Now, my husband had to get some chocolate donuts. Last night they were tempting, but after how much better I feel today I would rather have a healthy apple or orange so I can avoid that one tempting food that is in there. I did get my partial chocolate breakfast bar for 140 calories. That was the only chocolate for today. Hubby has soup, chili, and other things he can eat for dinner that don't tempt me (unlike how chocolate does). I am trying to eat fruits and veggies, tukey or a light bologna sandwich, a breakfast bar, and drink more water. That is basically my diet. In a way I think this will detox my system (not as well as going straight veggie and fruit) because my body is so messed up from fast food. I am not going to eat fried food for a couple of weeks and then I will treat myself to a grilled chicken sandwich or a hamburger from Burger King. Otherwise I am wanting to stay off that stuff.

It is hard when you are home everyday. All I can say is try not buying what you crave, and eat well for a couple of days. Get a whole new food plan that is healthy and stock your fridge with that. See how much better you feel and try rewarding yourself when you lose weight. If you get stressed and feel you want food for emotional reasons, go for a 15 minute walk (since you are running a business time may prevent any longer), take the kids to the park and pack a healthy luch for everyone, at night go take a bath and get out of that kitchen, then go to bed so you don't linger in there. I had to go to bed last night because I was going to the fridge and opening the door just to see what I could get away with eating.

Thursday I had a stressful day with the toddlers and I came home and ate oreos with milk and nacho dip with chips. I felt worse after I ate it physically, although emotionally I felt better. I am not going to do that this week because, for one I didn't buy any oreos or chips, and two I have to think about feeling better not worse from pigging out when I get stressed.

Hope this has helped a little. Good luck!
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