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Replacing elastic in a fitted CD...?

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Is it possible? I have a fairly decent Mudpiebaby fitted in fair shape except the leg elastic is pretty much shot. The dipe is serged around and I'm not sure if there is any reasonable way to get some fresh elastic in there. Any thoughts?
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I've got a pile of diapers that I need to replace elastic on.

Once I get the sewing machine back, I'm going to rip out the serging, rip out the old elastic, sew in new elastic, then reserge the edges.
What about if I don't have a serger?
You could do a zig-zag stitch around the edges, or put some binding on it.
honestly, redoing elastic is the bain of my existence, i'd rather just donate the diaper lol...other than ripping it open and zigzaging the edges sinc eyou don't have a serger, i'd say you could also do one of two other things...if your baby doesn't have an elastic sensitivity, you could just sew a piece of lastin on the outside of the diaper - it won't be pretty, but it'd be effective...for pretty, i'd have to say use foldover elastic all the way around the diaper...or bind the legholes like babysoftwraps and other wahms do w/ fleece after doing the ugly elastic way i mentioned...
It's not too hard, just annoying and time consuming, but if you really love the dipes, and they will last long enough to make it worth the trouble, then GO for IT!!!
ok i tried this but I can't seem to get close enough to serge near the snaps. What's the trick?
There is no trick. She probably put the snaps on after the serging.
If I were doing it I'd probably go with the binding idea or only rip out the serging that is by the elastic.
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