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Report mold problem in work place? Manager won't correct situation.!!!

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Not quite sure where to post this, a friend of mine works at a state agency and she has been complaining about major mold issues in the building, she says the wallpaper is peeling back and you can see the mold underneath.... building-wide.....she says the office manager isn't doing anything about it and she is concerned about her health, does anyone know of an outside agency or something of htat sort that she could report to, an annomouse report? or something like whistle-blowing? The mold is apparently quite a lot..... and everywhere, other water damage in building as well....
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Anyone can make a report to OSHA, and you can do it anonymously also.
The local public health department may have an air quality division that can look into the issue.
Another vote for OSHA. There should be regulations posted in an easily visible location with phone numbers (at least this is the case in my state.)
It depends on your state. Where I was living ( in oregon) mold was a " take care of it yourself " type deal - for example in a apt rental, mold control was a tenant responsibility. Clearly because OR is a damp, fungus ridden place. Anyway, I would file a formal complaint with the co. before calling OSHA. And document document. OSHA is going to ask what steps have been taken with the firm first thing before they do anything. And talking to the floor mgr is only the first step...

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