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Note the word 'honestly' and other like-minded terminology in the following:

"The United States is facing increasingly deadly attacks in Iraq because, as in the Vietnam war, it failed to honestly assess facts on the ground, according to a new think tank report.

"The report, prepared by Anthony Cordesman, senior fellow of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said administration spokesmen had appeared to live "in a fantasyland"[/c] when giving accounts of events in Iraq.

"Cordesman, a former Pentagon official who has made several trips to Iraq, said Iraqi spies were a serious threat to U.S. operations and that there was no evidence insurgent numbers were declining despite vigorous U.S. and Iraqi counterattacks.

"The report was updated after Tuesday's attack on a U.S. base in Mosul which killed 22 people. Defense officials said the explosion was apparently caused by a suicide bomber, underscoring the problem of infiltrators in U.S. operations."

More here:

Study's report here:

More evidence that Bushistas have been sold a bill of goods.
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