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I’m passing this along for Sharon Wright, a contributing editor for eve magazine. Sharon and I had a wonderful (hour and a half long!) conversation today, and I think she will do a nice job on the article!<br><br>
My name is Sharon Wright and I'm writing a report on unassisted childbirth for eve magazine in the UK. eve is a stylish, intelligent, monthly magazine aimed at thinking women in their 30s.<br><br>
We are very interested in the whole subject of unassisted childbirth and why and how women choose this path.<br><br>
Would you like to share your experience of having an unassisted childbirth, without a midwife or doctor present? I would be particularly interested in speaking to women in their 30s (like our readers), from any country, who were alone by choice when the baby was born.<br><br>
Alone might mean by yourself in the room, or maybe with a partner close by. I would love to speak to anyone who actually caught their baby themselves! We'd also like to use photographs of you and your lovely baby, to help convey this amazing experience.<br><br>
I can be contacted in the first instance at: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><br><br>
With all good wishes and thanks in advance,<br>
Sharon Wright<br>
Contributing editor<br>
eve London
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