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Hi there, mother is pretty supportive. I'm overall lucky that she watches my kids every week and has never said boo about bfing my kids for years and years. BUT, when it comes to co-sleeping, we've gotten into soooo many discussions and even arguments about our family bed. She just doesn't think it's good for the family. (She bf us for 3 months and "we loved our cribs".) Anyway, you'd think after 6 YEARS she'd just drop it, but every time she sees me bleary-eyed from an occeasional bad night, she brings up how much better sleep I'd get if we didn't have a family bed. Of course, I've discussed with her the benefits (I get MORE sleep this way, kids feel more secure, easier to bf, etc.), but she always thinks she's in the right. I think until I show her documented evidence that co-sleeping is better for the family, she won't shut up.

Anyone know of any research articles out there that document how much more successful bfing is and that parents and children get MORE sleep in a family bed than w/out?


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