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Research on Ripstop Nylon

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Did some experiments with ripstop nylon for drawstring lunch "baggies" and envelope style sandwich bags. Mostly I was concerned about staining and washing. I like the nylon because it's flexible but doesn't stick like the clear plastic inside the wrapnmats and doesn't smell like plastic. It also comes in bright colors so I think kids would like them. I think it could be a lining material for the mats also.

So I stained the stuff with mayonnaise and ketchup, and when rinsed, the mayo left a greasy smudge, but when I used soap and briefly washed them by hand, it all came out. Dries super quick.

Maybe I should make a home business out of it! They are thin and soft like baggies which I like. I still prefer to use cloth, but I think they might make a nice reusable alternative to straight up plastic.
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It's water-resistant, but not really waterproof, right? I don't think I'd want to put a tomato sandwich in it, but for more solid stuff, it sounds like a great idea.
Thanks for the information! I've been following along and my MIL and I are experimenting with this also. She had good success in making a wrapnmat with ripstop nylon. I also think that little baggies with just a fold over top (like sandwich bags were before ziplock) would work well. What do you think of using the nylon bags to hold produce in the fridge?
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