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New research, titled:
Childhood IQ and Adult Mental Disorders: A Test of the Cognitive Reserve Hypothesis

I only scan-read the full text. I'm posting this because this has come up before - are gifted individuals at higher risk for mental health issues?

The research is longitudinal (30 years) and has a reasonable sample size (~1000). This isn't a great sample size to capture 98 percentile plus, but they express the results as "# standard deviations from mean."

Basic conclusion:

Lower childhood IQ was associated with increased risk of developing schizophrenia spectrum disorder, adult depression, and adult anxiety. Lower childhood IQ was also associated with greater comorbidity and with persistence of depression; the association with persistence of generalized anxiety disorder was nearly significant. Higher childhood IQ predicted increased risk of adult mania.
This is by no means definitive, or even indicative of a trend among individuals with upper percentile IQs. More just feeding the info machine
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