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I’m a PhD student in Clinical Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. With my advisors, Paul Rozin and Martin Franklin, I am conducting a study on childhood eating behavior and how it relates to personality and family factors.
I’m posting here because I am looking for parents who are willing to participate in a study about their children’s eating habits, emotional lives, and personalities. If you are the parent, step-parent, or guardian of a child 17 or younger, we want to hear your input!

I can’t afford to pay participants, but I very much appreciate your voluntary participation in this study. I hope that what we learn from this study will one day benefit children who are picky eaters or have other eating problems.
Your participation is entirely voluntary. The survey will take 10-45 minutes, depending on how old your child is and how you answer certain questions.


Thanks so much for your help!
Hana Zickgraf, MA
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