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Researchers Use Protein to Reverse Multiple Sclerosis in Mice

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Did anyone see this yet? sorry, but it is on fox news

My mom has MS....I'm really hopeful this will pan out! It would be so incredible for her.

Nobody knows what causes multiple sclerosis, the nervous system disease that affects more than 400,000 Americans, but new research sheds light on why the body is attacking itself and how to reverse it.

Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have discovered how one protein could turn the tide against the degeneration found in the brains of MS patients, and actually reverse some of the worst effects of the disease.

The protein - alphaB-crystallin - is not usually found in the brain, but in the lens of the eye. It only develops in the brain in response to nerve cells that have been injured by multiple sclerosis.
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Thanks for posting this. I, too, have MS.

Although the article wasn't very well written (not your fault, though
), and didn't make a lot of sense in places (either that or I'm not thinking well today
), the main point sounds good. Pretty much all the medical establishment has to offer are toxic drugs, so this sounds refreshing.

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