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Researching cloth...Is this a good deal??

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3 Little LambsOS AIO , with cotton soakers for $24?
I am new to cloth, just trying to do research here, just everything is kind of obverwhelming!!!
I have a 3 1/2 month old, she is 10lb 8oz, so a peanut!! Long and thin.
I am looking for quality and good deals ( are'nt we all?, I love a bargain!)

I was told that Kissaluvs are good, very adjustable, and that you use with a choice of covers.
Also Stacinators, the new ones are supposedly great.

Need some opinions here.
Would love to be albe to knit, sew or crochet, but I am useless at all 3!!! LOL!
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If you do a search here for 'Little Lambs' you'll get other's opinions of them.

I love kissaluvs but found past the newborn stage they weren't absorbant enough for my kids. I love Stacinators and Bummis.
Not if they have wicked horribly for you and you find them useless as a diaper.
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I would look carefully at the LLs. A few members in another CD-ing community have had really hellacious experiences with them.
I started out with LL because It is what I found on ebay and didn't really know the diaper world that well. I will say this I quickly moved in to other diapers and have not picked them up since and actually donated them to a mom in need.
If your looking for good value AND good quality, I second the SWW and a good quality prefold (DSQ chinese or Indian are the best). These will both last, and are easy to clean. With a little practice, you can get a great fit every time!

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Thanks for all your replies.
I did find them on e bay, and they seemed like a good deal, but if they don't do a good job, then what's the point??
More questions: What are SWW?
I was told by the owner of that Kissaluvs in a size ) will work great for a long time, guess they are very adjustable, and the new Stacinator diaper is also a good buy.

My DD2 is a peanut, 3 1/2 month old and 10lbs 8oz , long and lean. I guess I need to take that into consideration too.

Oh so much info for my poor little brain! Ha Ha
With the prefold, I have figured out that a chinese PF is the way to go.
Is a cotton hemp mix the best absorbency?

Originally Posted by ella-makes-3
With the prefold, I have figured out that a chinese PF is the way to go.
Is a cotton hemp mix the best absorbency?
I'm not sure actual chinese prefolds come in cotton/hemp blends; all the ones I've ever seen are plain cotton.

There are cotton/hemp blend prefolds available from makers like Doodle Bottoms, Polar Babies, and BabyKicks.

I don't own any hemp prefolds -- I'm too cheap to spend the extra $$, when I find that the plain cotton ones work fine for me. Theoretically, the hemp blend ones should be more absorbent than cotton alone, assuming that the same amount of fabric is used. A lot of people also like hemp because it's grown in a more environmentally friendly way than cotton.

My recommendation would be to start out with some ordinary cotton CPF's, and then branch out from there. CPF's are really cheap, and it's always good to have some on hand.

SWW are Bummis Super Whisper Wraps, a kind of cover. My husband and I love them -- they're basically all we use with our prefolds. They'll also work with fitted diapers like Kissaluvs.
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I think Kissaluvs are a great diaper too. The size 1 should fit your peanut for a while. My (almost) 4 month old is big and he is outgrowing them now. But he's over 16lbs. and chunky. He will probably wear them for another month or so if I stretch it. Your little one will last in them for a while if she's skinny.

I love Stacinator Stretch wool covers.
They are so stretchy and work with every fitted I have ever tried.
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Hemp is more absorbant than cotton, though you probably wouldn't need the extra chutzpah until she's in toddlerhood
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I agree with other mamas started out with some CPFs and some good covers. Bummis, Stacinator, Prowraps and then branch out from there.
Thank you so very much for your help and suggestions. I just really want to jump in with both feet and start CDing right away, but so glad that I didnot buy the LL.
I am so implusive, just glad that I stopped myself!

Ok, so I will go and do some more research and I'll be back with more questions if that's ok?
Ok, back already!!

Any suggestions on a good site to buy from $$$ wise?
I have a few favorites... is awesome- has flat rate shipping (great if you are buying prefolds!!) and LOTS to choose from!! is great as well

If you are wanting to try a small fuzzibunz, I'd go w/ www. since they include a FREE insert!

Good luck!!
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