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Residual Side Effects From Chemo?

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I have no libido. No desire for sex. In fact, it makes me uncomfortable. I have been doing chemo on and off for the last 2.5 years or so. When I search online I do not find much about this question. Anyone here have experience with this? Or have any suggestions on restoring libido?

I had a baby in Jan 2007. My sex life then was not great but it existed. In the past I've had an active, healthy sexual relationship. I'd like to restore it or at least some of it...and my partner really would, too.
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I'm not sure. I know my libido was affected during my chemo but it was pretty non existent for awhile prior to that just because I was so sick, and we didn't know exactly what was wrong yet. Have you discussed it with your oncologist? Every cancer is different as is each chemo regime, it may or may not be the chemo drugs themselves ( I read up on the side effects of each of the chemo drugs I was given). It could be the stress of being sick, or exhaustion from that or the treatment itself.

I'm not sure if it's appropriate for your situation but I know that when my hematologist put me on prednisone for a short time right after I was diagnosed I felt completely euphoric and so much better.
Thanks for the response! I have asked my oncologist about this, but she just said that my type of chemo is not known for sexual side effects. The searchex I have done indicate this as well.

I wonder if it is more from stress.
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