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Restless legs

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Every night I get restless legs. Is this a sign a deficeincy? Is anyone else having this problem?
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Oh god, I got that when I was pg with dd and I totally forgot about it until now. Poor you! I hate hate hate that feeling.

I've never heard that it was linked to a deficiency in anything but I hope it is just so there's something that you can eat/take that will help.
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I am so glad somebody else posted this. I really did not get all the RLS commercials, just couldn't 'get' it. Well, I've got it now
: It keeps me from falling asleep at night. This is baby #5 and the first time I have experienced this. I only have it in one leg at a time so far and it alternates which leg.
I'd love to hear from someone that has some kind of natural remedy for this.

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I have the same problem too. It's annoying when I'm at work [I'm a secretary] and I can't very well do anything about it. When I'm at home, I take a warm bubble bath. That might help.
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There seems to be differing opinions to what causes RLS.. women are most commonly afflicted with it and that could be a hormonal thing. I am assuming pregnancy can amplify it. I suffer from it when I'm pregnant and also around my moon. I haven't really looked into any natural supplements for it or a vitamin deficiency as a cause but what I usually do to help calm my legs is stick them under my dh's at night (that's when it hits me and is unbearable), the weight and pressure of his legs really helps.
I recall having RLS during my 1st pgcy, I think, though it may have actually been before that (but the same house). I don't have a solution, per say, but I know Hylands now makes a Restless Legs homeopathic treatment. Homeopathy is considered safe during pregnancy (and always), so that might be something to try! I know Frontier carries it if you can't find it locally. (And there are always Frontier co-ops in the TP!)
The Hyland's REstless LEgs formula seems to work really well for some people. Calcium/Magneseum before bed also seems to help. There's also the excercise theory, and the theory that RL is caused or at least worsened by low iron levels, and this one fits me because my RL have improved with pregnancy- right when I began taking Floradix. (prior I'd be up almost every night doing crazy middle of the night excercises!)
If you try the Cal AND Iron, just don't take them at the same time (take them at opposite times of day).
hmm This is my first pregnancy and I have been having this problem since the beginning. Its gotten so much worse lately now that I'm at the end of my pregnancy. I havent found anything to help it. I've tried everything. It's interesting to see that others have the same problem I thought it was just something random. I also sit at a desk all day so i have to deal with it all day long. I wish there was something i could do about it.
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mine went away as soon as i started taking a calcium magnesium supplement. i've had it all my life and it was worse during pregnancy. now i can tell when i forgot to take it because i get RLS. i take bluebonnet liquid and it is a lifesaver.
I second the calcium/magnesium supplement. Which reminds me that I need to get some!

You might also try epsom salt baths in the evening.
I also really dig the Bluebonnet liquid calcium. I look foward to slurping it up!
I had it too when I was pregnant. It was better when I used the Alacer Electro-Mix, which basically provided calcium, magnesium, and potassium. So there's another vote for cal/mag.
I've had it when over tired before preg and now that I am preg almost every night. I read an old wives tale that you can put a bar of ivory soap under your sheet by your feet at night and it helps. I plan to try it. If you google this you get a ton of links where people swear it works (even though it sounds a little
: )

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For me it is a sign that I am over tiered or leg cramps are coming.

Calcium/magnesium helps (prevents cramps!), a hot bath and so does a nice leg massage (mine are often self administered).
Anyone get this in their arms as well? My legs are fine at night, but my arms are all jumpy and uncomfortable. If I get up and do a bunch of stretches it usually helps. Maybe the remedies for RLS will also help my arms?
yes, I almost always have restless arms--sometimes it's just the arms and not the legs!
Thanks for the replies! I am going to try the cal/mag.
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