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Restoring/creating gut flora

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DD got two ounces of formula when she was first born, in the hospital. The first oz was without my knowledge or consent, and the second I allowed when she was so jaundiced (was thinking 'well she has already had an ounce what does it matter'.) My milk came in on day 3 and no more formula.

So my question is, does she has a normal breastfed baby's gut flora now? She is 7 weeks now. Her first feedings were at the breast, and she has nursed on demand since day 3. Her stools do not smell unpleasant and are classic BF baby consistancy. Have I restored her to how she should be? What I have been able to find, in "The Case for the Virgin Gut" and one breastfeeding newsletter vary from 'many weeks' to 'two weeks.'
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If she is eating regularly and peeing and pooping regularly and flourishing, I wouldn't worry about it unless it is obvious she has a problem. If she has a problem and isn't doing any of the above, talk to your pediatrician.

Side note: I personally take probiotics for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. They help repopulate the intestinal flora and they help me digest foods that I can't otherwise digest. I also drank small amounts(too much, too fast = diarrhea) of Kefir(dairy drink with billions of probiotics, found in health food stores) to quickly repopulate my flora. I wouldn't give either to your baby unless your pediatrician recommends it and you'd have to get doses for babies, not what they make for adults.
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