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Return of bleeding

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I'm 6 weeks postpartum. I had stopped bleeding about 3 weeks ago. Today I've had pink spotting, but no cramps (IOW, it does not seem like my AF has returned). Is this normal?
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I always remember being done bleeding- and then starting up again randomly.
But it was usually about a week after I stopped.
That happened to me around the same time. I freaked out and thought for sure it was AF but turns out AF didn't return until 9 mo PP.
I guess it's not AF. It never picked up. A tiny bright red clot came out, and the pink spotting went away in an hour. I had been doing a lot over the weekend (more than I had pp), and had just been shuffling around heavy laundry baskets yesterday. Maybe my body was just telling me to slow down?
I'm almost 7 weeks PP and had that a couple of days ago. I assumed it was the return of AF, but it didn't pick up for me either.
I would say YES, your body is telling you to slow down! Full recovery from birth does take as much time as it takes--sometimes a few weeks or more longer than others.
When I called my midwife, she kept telling me that my period is returning, but I think she is very wrong (I exclusively breastfeed—though I know for some women it rarely comes back). When I spotted yesterday, it was right after an orgasm—the first I've had since birth (sorry—TMI). It went away in a couple hours.... But it returned briefly this AM when I nursed a bunch. It's always been pink (except a small clot that came out yesterday). No cramps either.
I had this happen at 6 wks postpartum, after bleeding had stopped 3 wks before. All it took to make it start up again was trying to help pack some boxes for a move. I thought it was AF at the time, but never bled again until 8 mos later.
google "sixth week bleed." would write more, but baby needs me. =)
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