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return of menstrual cycle while bf

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My 15 mo. old is bf about once per p.m. now; and I've just had my first period; Question: If she begins bf more vigorously (i.e. if she gets sick, developmental change, etc) will the period stop?become irregular? I used to be extremely regular - I'm not sure what to expect now, any clues?
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My DD is still nursing at 15 months, too, but I got AF back at 4 weeks PP. I have had it pretty regluarly since, evem when she was sick, or nursing very frequently. I have never heard ofAF going away again, but I know that many women have a very irregular cycle after getting AF back. Mine used to be 28 days, but are now about 38 days, and fluctuate a lot. Sorry the witch is back!
i got forst pp perios at 10 mos and they remained irregular to date. We are down to 1 nursing a day and they seem to be getting more on schedule as I wean.
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