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I'm 9 mo post partum and I've been getting signs that fert is returning for a couple months. But no AF yet. I know there can be hormonal ups and downs as the body gets close but not quite there yet....but I'm trying to chart and I'm so confused and just spent the last month alternately thinking I was preg,not preg,ovulating,preg again... I'm going nuts. Basically I've been nauseous for a month, except for a few days when I had signs of ovulating, then nipple pain, then no nipple pain, then back to nauseous, and all pg tests are neg, and now I don't know what the heck!!!!

I've never wanted my period so badly just so I can get back to a normal cycle and know what to expect! I really don't think I'm pregnant now - it doesn't feel like the other 3 times. Well, it sorta did but then cleared up and when pregnant, the symptoms only intensify, never aleviate. Anybody had any volatile hormonal symptoms while waiting for AF to return post partum????

I'm now doing temps religiously and no pattern yet, just a consistent mid range temp - could be post ovulation, but I thought I'd always have AF after ovulating (unless pg) and I'm pretty sure I ovulated was at least showing all the signs of it.

I plan on retesting for pg next week if there's no AF
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