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Reusing crib mattress?

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OK, so my DD has sort of used her crib mattress for the past 3 years. Well, she started sleeping the first chunk of the night in her crib at maybe 1 1/2, then always comes in and sleeps with us for the second chunk (still does at 3 1/2. She usually naps with me too, especially now that I'm preggo and need the nap too! She still uses the crib mattress now since she's in a toddler bed--we are currently in the process of buying her a "big girl" twin bed. Anyway, the new baby will be sleeping with us for quite awhile, but eventually I would like to get her into the same routine that DD is in now--first half of the night on her own, second half with me--this gives me a little bit of sanity time at the end of the day! Anyway, is it safe to use DD's crib mattress for the new baby, or do I have to buy a new one? I though I had read something about not reusing crib mattresses, but I can't find anything about it now...
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If your crib mattress is in good condition, it isn't stained, and fits your crib properly then you are probably safe to use it again.

I fully intend to use mine again.
Babies don't smoosh the coils or otherwise hurt the shape of the mattress because they're so light. If no larger person has been stepping on it or sleeping on it and it's obviously in good shape, I don't see why you can't use it!
I'm reusing mine for sure.. besides, if you are thinking of buying a conventional mattress they off gas chems something fierce when they are new so NOT a good sleeping surface anyway.. we could not afford a lifekind or otehr natural matt for Evan so we bought the conventional and let it off gas in my MIL's screen porch for six months before he was born (ditto for our glider rocker) .. we need a new couch and will do same if we can't afford leather.. (which we prob can't )//
Yeah, ours will be on its 3rd "user" with this baby- It was my nephew's, then DD's. Now she sleeps the first part of the night on it, on the floor. Nephew rarely used it, and I don't expect this one to use it much! But yeah, I don't want to spend the money on a new one and have to off gas, can't afford a good one that wouldn't need that, so there we are.
Thanks for the info!
I just hate to buy another one since DD spent so little time on hers and I'm not expecting that DD2 will either!
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