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Review of Simply Cloth?

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There's no review of SC dipes -- can anyone give me the skinny on these?

Thanks so much,
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I have one of her pocket dipes and really like it!
I have used a few SC pockets and they are VERY trim fitting. I never had a single problem with leaking or wicking, but the prints I had tended to be a little stiff. DD outgrew the ones I had pretty quickly, so they may have sofented up with more use.
I think if I were to buy SC again, I would get plain PUL..but the design and fit is wonderful!

I have a SC sushi print PUL cover, which is also her AIO if you snap in a soaker. I'm not sure how I'd like it as an AIO, I'm sure it would be trim fitting, but I'd have to see the soaker. I use it as a cover and it fits well. Mine is an XL, and with all the elastic, it looks tiny. Like it'd never fit, but it does, on the tightest snaps.
I LOVE Simply Cloth! I use her covers and they rock!!! The stifness i found is only with the pocket diapes...the covers are nice and soft...Julie is moving right now and has some instock but is not re-stocking or doing customs til late July mid aug...
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Awesome! Thanks for the info... I'm eagerly awaiting my sushi print AIO, and started getting nervous that I wasn't going to love it. Sounds like it will be a favorite!

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