Papinee storytelling kits with heirloom quality toys are more than just beautiful; they want to inspire the next generation of global citizens.

Parents today want toys that are more than just simple playthings. We seek out toys that are educational, made of quality long-lasting materials and inspire our children's imaginations. And, if a toy company gives back to the community, all the better.

Millennial parents in particular value companies that are socially responsible and take child development and playtime seriously. Papinee: A Storytelling Company, has recently expanded to the US, and believes strongly in the power of play and stories.

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Created to honor the founder's mother who told stories of the far off places and people she wished to show her child, Papinee believes that storytelling can change the world. Each kit comes with a toy animal, storybook, activity, and storytelling instruction cards. The toys are eye-catching, whimsical, and intricately done, made up of the colors and sights of their respective homelands.

The Papinee plush toys look more like art, though they aren't meant to be put on a shelf and admired from afar. The stuffed animals-which include Odo the Deer from New York City, Rus the Horse from Paris, Ovis the Sheep from Istanbul, Podo the Turtle from Manaus, Vani the Monkey from Mexico City, Pantha the Lion from Nairobi, Strix the Owl from London, and Felis the Cat from Japan-are made to withstand rough play and last for many years to come, handed down along with their stories from generation to generation.

Each stuffed animal also comes with a colorful storybook that tells about the animal and where they come from, teaching zoology, history, and geography to young children. The toys have been safety tested, are made with dust- and allergy-resistant fabrics, and are suitable for all ages.

Papinee wants to inspire and educate all children, so for every animal sold, the company donates learning supplies to five children in need through UNICEF's global outreach program, with a goal of helping 100,000 kids each year.

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The company also distributes "Inspire Kits," containing a storybook, colored pencils, coloring cards, and an activity book that are brought to children in need around the world through a network of storyteller volunteers. In fact, Papinee is currently looking for volunteers to bring their storytelling kits to kids and "educate, inspire, and empower" every child. Papinee also brings storytellers to kids with pop-up installations, and events at orphanages, children's hospitals, and social centers.

Papinee storytelling kits are available to purchase online.

Photos: Papinee