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We're very excited to introduce you to a very unique educational product for kids -- the Adventurous Mailbox. This one of a kind product brilliantly combines three things kids love: adventure, secret clubs and getting things in the mail!

The Adventurous Mailbox is a complete learning package that mixes together engaging stories about global cultures with an online environment designed to increase the educational value and fun.

It works like this:

1. You order The Adventure Package, which included 8 books, a personal introductory letter and access to an online portal. The fascinating stories are written from the perspective of a child explorer and his family who travel the world. Each story focuses on an adventure in a different country, from Thailand to Peru to Finland and beyond, and will keep kids interested while teaching them a wide variety of information about the focus location. We really like how there are both male and female main characters who have many skills and work together as a team.


You can choose to have the entire collection of books sent at one time, or have them delivered monthly (for a small extra fee). You'll soon receive your books in the mail, in a 'confidential' package addressed to your child. This is SO much fun. Once the kiddo tears open the package they will find a humorous letter addressed just to them. The letter, written by Crameye Junker, lets them know that they are now part of a secret club, M.I.T.C.H., and invites them to read the books and join the secret online community 'Crameye's World' with a code that is provided.

2. Once you have a chance to dig into the first book you can help your child login to the community. You'll follow a few steps to sign up, including accepting a privacy and usage policy. We really liked how the intro email includes contact information for removing your child's online access to the community or to delete one of their posts if you need to. The sign up process also instructs kids NOT to use their real name as their username. Great! Here's what you'll see when you login.


This dashboard will direct you to the community, blogs by characters in the books (like super smart Neva and Crameye), and showcases a variety of facts, links to educational external sources and more. The blog posts are interesting and everything is written in a fun and informal tone. There's some really neat stuff like music from around the world, the opportunity to take part in writing assignments and the promise of an upcoming adventure game. The community is not very active since this product is fairly new, but the team takes time to reply to each response in an informal manner and kids are encouraged to ask questions and get involved.

Overall, the online portion feels like it has room to grow, and is still in the works to reach its full potential. But it is a nice addition to the stories for an older child who will benefit from a private community where the content is safe and ad free.

Although this product could be purchased for a younger child, we recommend this for 10+. The stories contain a fair bit of action, include bad guys and advanced concepts in some places.

Additionally, we feel pretty strongly that children under 10 should not take part in online communities, and no child should do so unsupervised. Everything here is private, so you don't have to be as concerned about your child's posts showing to the public, but caution should always, always be used online. We cannot stress this enough. Although the community posts and blog posts we viewed were harmless and educational, we suggest that if you are going to use the online portion that you make it a parent, child adventure to go on together.

There are also a wide variety of links on the site that point to external resources, so you will want to monitor those closely.

As with any online community, make sure your children understand the rules -- like never sharing their real name or location, or posting overly personal details or pictures of themselves. What is placed online is often hard to remove and anyone could pose as a child to become part of an online community, even a private one.

Overall, the stories here are worth the price of the package alone. At $79 for everything we've mentioned, this is a great deal. The stories teach children about world cultures in a way that is truly engaging and exciting. They would be a great addition to your homeschool curriculum, for a learning option for unschoolers, or for any child who loves adventure. If you choose to use the online portion, there is also a lot of potential for additional learning and even connections with new friends.

Plus, every kid loves getting something in the mail!

Find everything you need to know about the Adventurous Mailbox right here.

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