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Hey ladies - well long story - but short of it is that I mc'd on July 9th and didn't know that I would need RHoGam and we do not use BC and now I'm 6 dpo and it just dawned on my new m/w that I was - and hubby + after I emailed her to confirm testing my progesterone at 8dpo -

well we are going to test for antibodies. It was an early m/c - I was 9 wk 4 days and baby passed at 7 wk 3 days so chances are slim

but please pray that I do NOT have any antibodies!!!

For those of you who want - take a look at my chart and tell me what my "odds" are of conceiving this cycle. I was told about 3 days ago that your fertility is greatly increased following a miscarriage and I certainly had far more fertile symptoms this time than I have EVER had!!!!

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