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Ripped off on ebay, what do I do?

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I know directly this isnt cloth diaper related, & it will probably get moved. Where would this go anyway? I didnt know where to put it, and I know a lot of moms buy diapers off ebay.

On the 4th of June my husband bought some items nearing 200 for his fathers day present. We paid like always through PP with credit card, and immediatly at the end of the auction. We have not heard back from the seller at all, they did accept the funds. And we have been trying to contact them now several times for the past week just to see when the item was going to be shipped, and nada. We havent heard anything back. They have quite a few auctions for sell and ending. And since then they have gotten quite a few negatives, 5 to be exact in the past month! All saying they didnt receive their package!

What do we do? I feel so lost in all this, and my husband is very peeved but working the weekend so its just me trying to figure this out. No more ebay for us for sometime; its beginning to leave a bad taste in our mouths.
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You can make a request for their contact info. and call them. Otherwise if they have had several neg. then I would file through paypal to get my money back.
First off, here are some
's for you ... can you cancel the transaction through PP? Isn't there something like a 30 day window of time for stuff like that? Otherwise, I don't know, but am sending you more
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If you paid via paypal with a credit card you have protection with it. You can file a complaint w/ your credit card and they will do a "charge back" to their account.
The only way you will get your money back w/ paypal is if the seller still has the money in his paypal account. My guess is they withdrew the money right away.
It seems like you should still be able to get your money back if you never got the products!
: That would make me really mad!
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Is that true even if you paid with a credit card? I thought that you had a bit more protection with credit card payments.
You need to file with PayPal to get your money back. If that doesn't work then you need to call your credit card company or bank and file a fradulent charge claim and they will refund you after a couple of weeks of processing.

If you paid with a CC you WILL get your money back. Just don't delay as some of these things have a 30 day time limit. HTH.
Contact the FBI. That happened to us once with a purchase around $1000. We couldn't get any information from ebay because they were "protecting the seller's privacy" while everyone got taken for a ride. We finally filled out an internet fraud form on the FBI website. To make a long story short, the guy is now in jail (for stealing thousands of dollars) and is supposed to pay everyone back. We learned about the FBI website from the seller's local police department (we contacted them based on the zip code we had for the seller).
I would file a complaint through paypal. Since you paid with a CC, that will offer you even more protection than had it come from a funded acct. I have gotten ripped off a couple times, which is why I am so wary to even use ebay anymore.
Thanks mamas for all the replies on this, man I felt so overwhelmed today. I got the persons information and gave her a call today. She hasnt called me back, I did leave a message. I will see what happens there, in the meantime I found out I am protected with paypal for 30 days, its been a bit over 2 weeks, so I still have sometime. Im going to see what she does, if she responds at all, if not, Im going to file to get my money back. It seems that we are pretty well protected between paypal and my cc company. This is why I always pay with a credit card, because I remember someone here mentioning your protected. Just never thought Id have this happen.
This is why my husband and I ALWAYS pay with a credit card. We got taken once (actually twice by the same guy!), and although it was only for $30.00, I said "never again!".
If the seller cannot provide proof to the CC co., of having shipped the item, they refund your money ASAP.
That's why it is also important to buy delivery confirmation when you ship something to someone who paid by CC, b/c the buyer can screw you too.
I always use a credit card, I am so glad my bank uses a credit card type debit card so I can still have paypal protection without running up credit or paying interest.

If you don't get a call or email back within 2 days I would file with ebay, they will contact the seller and if that **** gets you nowhere file with paypal for a refund. Good luck!
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