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Originally Posted by JBaxter
Could anyone give me a link that gives the risks of amnios. This isnt for me but a friend thinks she need to have one. She is 35 ...3rd healthy pregnancy and it suprised me because on other matters she is very...?crunchy? ...extended bf...all organic foods... non circing it floored me when she said she "needed" an anmio. ( No genetic problems either - I asked). Thanks
The risk of miscarriage on average is 1 in 250, but each doctor has his own statistics. Who does them can make all the difference in the world. My aunt had hers done by a doctor who had a 1 in 500 miscarriage rate. My aunt was 42 at the time she had hers. She had no complications from hers.

I would think at 35, 3rd pregnancy with no genetic problems and healthy babies that this would not be recommeded.
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