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Risks of going into shock while pregnant?

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I need to have 2 teeth (molars) pulled and soon because one has finally started to crumble (literally) and its making eating difficult and the one next to it is already gone but I haven't gotten around to doing anything about it because the temp was holding it together until the other tooth started to crumble. Anyway every time they pull a tooth (I have really really bad teeth) I get a "little shocky", severe shakes, nausea, severe light headedness verging on passing out (I know better then to stand up or I will pass out), severe weakness, skin gets cold and clammy, no idea if my BP changes because its never been checked. I know its going to happen because its happened with 5 extractions and I know to take a lot of rescue remedy and arnica immediately before and after they do it and its about half an hour before I can move around and be ok. The dentist has never seemed concerned about it but I usually head straight to the car or bathroom the second he's done because the reaction is embarrassing and I'm afraid they will think its a panic attack or something and it takes a few minutes after the extraction to start. I really don't want to wait another 6-10 weeks to get this taken care of but I don't want to risk baby either. Can a shock type reaction put me into labor or some how hurt baby? fwiw, I like my dentist and his specialty is complicated extractions and for the most part he's wonderful in the no pain dept and I'm not that stressed when he's doing the extraction because I know its not going to hurt so I really really don't think these are some kinda panic attacks.
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I wonder if you're having a reaction to the anesthesia? I would definitely talk to your dentist about it and also talk to your prenatal caregiver. I don't know what risk it would put baby in, but having your teeth crumbling sounds like that would be risky to baby too (ie, infection can cause PPROM, PTL, etc.). Perhaps if they used a different type of anesthesia, you might not get the reaction? It's worth talking it over with your dentist.
Oh, this is a tough situation!
I've had 4 teeth extracted (2 wisdom teeth and 2 retained baby teeth) and I had a tooth emergency earlier in this pregnancy where I thought I might have to have another tooth extracted, but thankfully they were able to hook me up with a temp filling that is working out fine.

I think you need to weigh both ideas really carefully. Talk to as many professionals (dental and prenatal) as you can. Talk to your dentist particularly -- he may not know the extent of your reactions, b/c you've gone to another room during them.

I think your body may just have this sort of reaction to losing teeth. It is a shocking experience, for the body, so that does make sense to me. (It could be the anesthia, but you didn't mention it happening during other dental procedures.)

I hope that this will work out with as little pain and trauma as possible!
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