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Road Food?

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Anyone have good snacks or meals that we can take on teh road with us? We will be traveling for 12 hours, yikes, with 2 kids under 3. Also, sanity measures? What do you never leave home w/o on your road trips?

Thanks a bunch!!
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We've done a few big road trips so far with DS (almost 2.5). And he has been GREAT in the car. I have #2 on the way, so I'm sure having two of them in the car is more of a challenge.

This is what's helped us. First, we bring loads of snacks/food. I pack a small cooler with fruit, cheese, pb&j cut up small, Pirate's Booty, pretzels, etc. (and I pack small tupperware containers to dole out small portions to DS in the back seat).

Also, I hit the Dollar Store before our trip and maybe buy $10 worth of new stuff for DS to help him stay occupied in the car. I've gotten neat little trucks, small books, etc., that I can pull out of a bag and say, "Look at this cool new toy". Also, if he doesn't seem particulalry antsy is doing just fine, I've brought some of these toys back home w/out opening them and put them aside for another time. I try not push anything-even cool *new* stuff.
Etch-a-sketches are a good thing for the road, too.

And for us, even though many people might reccommend many stops, we find with DS that staying put for longer stretches works best. If we stop too much he gets a little nutty and then doesn't want to get back into the car. So, we minimize stops. Of course when we have to use the bathroom or shake out our legs we do. Oh, and we always stop for one meal-lunch or dinner.

Best of luck on your trip! Oh-and some people have said to me to get a portable DVD player, but DS isn't really into movies yet. But this may work for you.
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We never leave home without our cooler. And we don't even have kids yet!
I do like bearsmama pretty much. I try to make some granola, too. Definitely stock up on little toys to keep occupied. And a favorite CD to listen to!
I wouldn't leave home for a destination 12 hours away without an aeroplane seat under my bottom.

Do you have to drive? Petrol is so expensive and the possibilities for agro and unpleasantness in the car are endless. Don't forget even if you survive the drive there without a breakdown or a drama you have to get through the return trip. The thought of that would put me off for the whole time I was at the holiday destination.

We've got some great new airlines that offer really reasonable flight prices and can roll in deals on car hire at the other end if needed. If you ring around you might find its just as economical to fly. Wear and tear on your car has to be considered as well.

Save yourself and more importantly those little kids (not to mention hubby)the agro, fly and be there in an hour.
Let's see...if I read your post right, you're asking for suggestions for road-trip snacks, and also hints on how to save your sanity on a road trip, correct? Or did you want our opinions as to whether you should drive or fly?

We're taking an 8-hour road trip in a week (driving b/c we even with the high gas prices, it will be less expensive than flying, and we want to have our car while we're on vacation, and we don't want someone to have to pick us up at the airport, and we like road trips!) and plan on making as many stops as necessary. I am fully expecting that this 8-hour trip will take us 12 hours.
But we also have someplace we can stop on the way, if that becomes necessary, and regroup for a while before making the final leg.

Our DS is still pretty much EBF, so no road snacks for him, and DP and I will probably eat crap. Heh heh.
It's vacation, after all. Chips, candy, soda, etc. I will also want to stop for at least one sit-down meal, as Bearsmama said.

Have fun on your trip!
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On a trip that long, I'd get several CDs of "action" songs for wee ones--you know, like "itsy bitsy spider," so they at least have that movement while strapped in. I don't know enough of them, so I'd go to the library to find them.
I'd also bring along some nice classical music to relax them into naps here and there, if you think it might help.
I don't do the chips-n-soda, only because it makes me feel icky, and we know where that could lead in a car. So, I think I'd do PB sandwiches, string cheese, tiny water bottles, drinkable yogurt (for rest stops), raisins/dried fruit, real fruit. I get constipated on road trips, so I'd try to pack fiber in the little ones.
I'd also recommend carrying a bottle of lavender EO. I actually make a spray with water and EO. Freshens nicely and the scent fades, and it's a pretty agreeable, calming scent. Chamomile might be nice otherwise.
I hope you have a great trip!
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Oh yes. String cheese! Great snack and dd loves it!
Yeeehaww! Thank you Mama's for all your great tips.

We can't fly, we are bringing our 2 dogs w/us, one of them is blind, old, and needs a lot of care/meds. I would love to fly, but we just can't do it.

We've decided to drive through the night, so the kids can sleep. We'll see how it goes...
we're leaving this saturday for a long road trip. dd just turned 2. last year when she was 14 mos we drove from austin to glacier nat'l park in montana. this year we're only going to southern colorado. i learned well last time and this year i'm planning to do a few things:

1) borrow books/small toys/cds from friends with kids the same age. that way she can have something "new" but we haven't spent any $$

2) a couple coloring books -- giving her one or two crayons at a time! (we'll see how this goes)

3) a cooler with: string cheese, raisins, grapes, crackers (goldfish, wheat thins), pretzels

4) stop for lunch somewhere like burger king (i know...not healthy). it seems every burger king has a playscape which does wonders for her to burn off energy.

5) get "treats" when we stop for gas. something she doesn't normally get at home like m&ms or gatorade.

the drinkable yogurt is a great idea. i might try that this time around. this is a great thread. perfect timing!!
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It IS the perfect time for this thread--we are planning a road trip, but a relatively short one. Even so, it's good to get ideas from other moms. It makes me give more thought to my own plans.
Leave VERY early in the morning.

Dh and I drive 14 hours straight through with 2 kids and no problems. We stop for food, gas and potty. We run around for a little bit at each stop.

New toys that can be pulled out at the fussy times are very helpful.
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I've done more roadtrips than I'd like to admit with my kiddos
. My thoughts are:
get the "sports" water bottles, much harder to dump out
Rescue Remedy!!!!!
pretzels, grapes, booty, cut-up cheese, non-messy finger foods
We bring a few little surprise treats like an earth ball or fruit leather.
Don't feel bad to stop at the McDonald's Playland! It can be a lifesaver, esp. if the weather is crappy
We take breaks about every 2 or 3 hours. At least once a day we find a playground (ask the gas station attendant where the closest one is). Try to do this right before a nap time, to get em all pooped out

Have fun! Don't listen to anyone who says roadtrips are anything but that!
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last year when she was 14 mos we drove from austin to glacier nat'l park in montana.
And I thought we were brave going from Seattle to Yellowstone w/the two kids!

: Our driving secret is the Leap Pad. We keep them in the cars and the kids can play with them for a loooooong time. Last year we drove through the night, but that only worked really well because we had people waiting for us at the other side. Your kids are a little younger--- do you have a magna doodle? Those are great in the car. Another secret we implement is candy or food that is really small so takes a long time to eat. Like a box of nerds eaten one by one by one could take all day! We actually usually try to eat in the car (because that is an activity) and then stop at a park or a place with a play place after to run around. Oh, your older might be able to help wash the windows when you stop for gas--- my kids LOVE doing that!

Good luck and have a blast!!!

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Leap Pad! What a good idea! Dh may take our oldest on a short trip later this summer and that will be great! This is why I love forums! Such an obvious thing, as I already have one, but something I didn't think of!
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