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Roll Call - Breastfeeding Awareness Day - June 27th

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Post here if you plan to attend.
June 27th 3 pm Seattle Center at the fountain
There is a planning meeting at the Auburn library on Thurs 6/16 from 2:30 - 4:30
There is another thread in this forum with more details.
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Hi, I'm Nipuna. I'll be attending with my 3 children (the 2 younger ones are both breastfeeding). I will bring 2 strollers and some rope.
Planning on it with my 5 mo nursling (and will be carpooling with my sis and her 18 mo nursling). I posted in the other thread, but what's the plan if it rains?
Maybe the rain plan can be addressed at the Auburn library meeting. There is a covered walkway to the museum near the fountain. We could leave the strollers on the grass in their formation and huddle under there? :LOL
I'm coming with my 3month old nursling, 18 month old and DH.
Stroller, balloons, picnic and spirit! Not to mention a few naked boobies!
Just kidding :LOL

I will also be attending the meeting

If our house miraculously sells I might come!
I'm looking to buy a house...

Originally Posted by kavamamakava
I'm looking to buy a house...
Its in Spokane though!

Once it sells we will be moving back to the Coast! (Port Angeles/Forks area we hope)

Can't wait!!
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Oh. We're looking in Burien/SeaTac/Tukwila/West Seattle. heh.
I don't know yet if it would work for our schedule, but I would love to come
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with my 3-year-old nursling and pregnant belly. :) I'm fairly certain I can make the planning meeting, too.
Me, Dh, and our 3 1/2 mo old will be there. Is it ok to bring lawn chairs?
I'll be there with my 2 yo dd and my big belly. Anyone from the Tacoma area want to carpool?
I want to try to come. I don't drive, so can only come if my DH can take the day off.
I will be there with my 13mo old nursling, and MAYBE my DH (depends on if he can get out of work). I'll bring a big stroller, and most likely lots of rope (see the other thread about it). I've been telling lots of people about it, so hopefully the word is getting out!

I sure hope it doesn't rain!
We will be there anyway though! :LOL

Emily- I'd love to carpool from Tacoma also if my DH isn't coming.
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I really want to go! I'll see if I can take a half day for this event so I can make it. I've told one of my friends about it and she may come with me!
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Rebecca- we need the rope for the meeting so that we can get it all cut and measured before we go to Seattle. Is there anyway I could meet you somewhere to pick it up? Or you could some to the meeting

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lucie (7 mos) and i will try to be there. and since she's in the throws of distracted seven month old nursing i'll be flashing everybody.
I am hoping hoping hoping I can be there. I am on strict bedrest right now so by then I might have a new baby and a 2 year old nursling.
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