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have an awesome pair of ladies size 10 roller blades purchased a few years ago new at over 100 bucks! I really only used them a few times when we lived in Florida-now we have moved to the mountains and there are too many hills to roller blade with a new baby here so...

The brand is K2 and literally they are like a comfy fabric ski boot on wheels. These are not the hard shelled type of roller blades. The clasp is just like on a ski boot. Selling with original owner's manual as well as elbow, knee and wrist pads (probably another 40 bucks new). The set of pads are WSD brand -especially scaled small for ladies. Men's pads are often too wide and don't provide the right type of support/protection.

So...all for $75 OR will trade for a new or like new ERGO back carrier!
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