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Rolling over and over and over

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HELP! Isa has just been rolling over from back to tummy since Sunday. She wants to do it all day . Which is fine, but she can't seem to get the hang of rolling from her tummy back onto her back. So she rolls from back to tummy, then immediately cries from frustration that she's stuck.

I know I should be patient and let her figure it out herself, but after a minute or so of her screeching, I flip her back over and let her start the process again.

How should I help her not be so frustrated? How can I help her learn without doing it for her?

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My James went through that same thing, except his was just the reverse. He'd roll from his belly to his back and then cry to get back. It was frustrating, especially during nap/night time. I just kept helping him get back over, over and over again
. Within a couple of weeks he had mastered the technique by himself.
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Dd does the same thing. She's been rolling over, and then she cries, cause she hates being on her tummy. I let her get slightly farther along each time, and hope that eventually she'll be able to roll from tummy to back again.

BTW, I noticed your location, and I'm in Indy too.
I checked out your photos (of a very cute baby btw), and I recognized you! We were in prenatal yoga together! I'm the one who was obnoxious about the Group B Strep.
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DD used to do that. When she was four and half months old she would roll from her back to her stomach then when she wanted to roll to her back again she would fuss so that one of us would turn her over. I used to be like you. I wanted her to figure out on her own how to return to her back but she just got more and more frustrated so we used to turn her over rather than have her work herself into a sad state.
About a month later she figured out she could roll on her own from her stomach to her back. Now she rolls all over the place. We have to constantly keep an eye on her because she's an extreme roller. In about 5 seconds she can go from one section of the room to another.

Don't worry. Eventually your baby will figure out how to "unstuck" herself.
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Thanks for the replies...
I think I was just stressed out and needing some reassurance that this too will pass...

Between the rolling frustrations and rebooting our EC program... Wow. My mantra is "right now is not forever".

persephone: can you send me a pic? I think I know which prenatal yogini you are, but not 100% certain...
Aw, I'm sorry things are hard right now. Dd is also having a hard time, she's going through her 12 week growth spurt. (At 11 weeks). When she's not sleeping (which is not much) she's fussing or about to start fussing. It's hard!

Here I am, wearing her:

But you prolly remember me more like this:

I meant to apologize about the GBS thing, btw. I didn't mean to sound like I was harrassing you. I was just stating my rather strong opinions too strongly. I have a tendency to do that.
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Beautiful pics! I LOVE the prego one! How totally gorgeous!
What a beautiful pregnant woman you were! Do you miss the belly? I kinda do sometimes. But I'd rather feel her kicking me from the outside!

No need to apologize, but I did have to live and learn. I ended up taking the Antibiotics via IV
and it was the WORST part of my whole labor/ delivery. What's worse, is that Isa was born with an infection in her lungs and had to be hospitalized in the NICU at Methodist and given 6 more days worth of antibiotics
So the dose I was given did jack crap. Alas, I have learned an important lesson and if Goddess blesses me with next time, I am having a home birth and doing it MY WAY!

Good to see you online... Maybe IRL we could do a little urban hiking with the babes...
BTW, I love your quote about how your belly is as noble as your heart. Almost brought me to tears first time I read it!
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Do I miss the belly? Not really, I didn't realize how big I was til after she was born. I mean, I knew I was getting bigger, but it was so incremental, I hardly noticed, actually. But I am having moments now, where I want to be pg again. Especially when I find out about other mamas I know getting pg... I wanna be pg again!

I don't know if you read my birth story, but I ended up in the hospital with a hep lock. So, I guess I CAN birth with an IV! Heh. I'm sad I lost my homebirth, and next time, I hope to try for one again.

I'm sorry your little one got an infection. I can't believe the abx didn't prevent that! Just reinforces my pov. Ugh!

Oh, and some urban hiking would be great!
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