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I have two non-hemp fitteds from Melanie at RoseCityCloth. They are quick-dry and are Snappi-friendly.

This WAHM was friendly and quick to reply. The diapers she made for me are well made and cute. These diapers never make it to daycare because I save them for me to use at home with baby.

Her prices are very reasonable and she offers diapering basics that are the core of most cloth diaper stashes.
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I have also had an excellent experience with this Mama and her products
! I first purchased two pocket diapers (solid PUL, my favorite), and loved them immediately. They are designed very nicely and are narrow and trim, but still wide enough to stuff for night if i wanted, very nicely sewn, too. Also, the shipping was super fast,and her communication was very good and speedy with me, when i had questions. Friendly and chatty, too, which is always a bonus in my book

I eagerly anticipated her next stocking, and ordered two pockets and a hemp snappi-able fitted. SHe quickly discovered that my order had gone out to the wrong person, and immediately told me what happened, and even asked me what she could throw in to make it up. I am very understanding when things happen like that, and only ask for prompt and honest communication, which Melanie certainly gave me. I would recommend her site to anyone!
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