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I hope there are some herbal-smart Moms out there who can help set my mind at ease a bit.... I have posted this on a couple different sections, with NO replies.<br><br>
I have taken a few of Nordic Naturals fish oil capsules - but realize they have rosemary extract listed as one of the ingredients. I have read that rosemary is unsafe during pregnancy, and now I am concerned. Does anyone have any information on this? Is rosemary extract, as would be in a capsule (I'm assuming for flavoring) the same as would be considered unsafe in say an herbal tea preparation, or is it more like what would be considered safe in say, rosemary & oregano added to your tomato sauce?<br><br>
Either way, I have stopped taking the capsules... what are the potential effects of rosemary in pregnancy?<br><br>
I have contacted Nordic Naturals regarding how much is in their capsules, with no answer.<br><br>
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