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My 6 month old ds started running a fever yesterday around lunchtime. Temp. is going up and down...highest 103.5. Seems ok other than the fever...has teeth coming in but doesn't seem bothered by them (thought this was the I'm not so sure). Staying well hydrated because he's bfing non-stop!

Just curious as to what you mama's think. Anyone been through this?

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Our roseola experience was similar to that. They had a high fever (104-ish) for about 3 days and then like magic the fever went away and a very mild rash appeared. My dd that was still bf when she got it had such a mild rash that I may not have even noticed it if I wasn't on the lookout. Hope your little one feels better soon.
Yep, don't be surprised if they are covered in spots in a day or 2-they may be fussy and more tired than usual. Spots can last 2-5 days and be mild or pretty bad looking. They ARE contageous (SP?) until the spots fade.
My kids have had it 2x each and just give them lots of holding time and nursing time.
Our DD had roseola at about 12 months. A neighbor from Germany said over there they call it "three days fever" and that is exactly what it turned out to be. A moderate fever for three days, then the fever disappeared and the rash appeared. The rash was not itchy or anything and cleared up within a week. All we did was BF a lot and offer water and easy-to-digest food and comfort her a lot and once I gave her Tylenol to lower the fever a little so she could sleep one night. Really, by the second or third day of fever she was wanting to do normal activities and we even went to the playground.
It's one of those illnesses you aren't sure what is going on until it is over; that is, you don't know it was roseola for sure until the fever is gone and the rash appears. There is no medical treatment for it anyway, just comfort and support and it will run its course.

thanks mama's...
i guess now i'm just waiting on the rash to show up!

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