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Rosetta Stone

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I started using the Rosetta Stone software tonight for myself, to start learning Spanish. It's a very well put together program, good stuff. It starts you out with a few words on each screen and has you go through, adding a word or two at a time as you progress. It's "immersion learning" so it's all in the target language.

The best part is that I can access it through the Montgomery County public library's website and if you live in any county in Maryland, you can go get a library card in Montgomery county that will allow you to log on and use it. They must have some sort of site license, because through their site, you can do any level, any lesson, any language that Rosetta Stone offers. And at over two hundred dollars a program, that's an enormous amount of free access.

If you're not in MD, check with all the counties in your state to see if any of them can get you into it. I had to drive an hour and a half today round trip to get the card there, but it was totally worth it.
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Wow, what a find! I have wanted to do Rosetta Stone for all of us but just can't afford it, it'd be awsome if we can do it here (though I highly doubt it, but I'll check!)
Wow! Thanks for the heads up on that! I would have never thought to check the library. I'm going to try online right now. Also some states have an interlibrary loan. They will get your requested materials from another library out of state. Thanks so much! I miss MD.
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