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ROTO Virus..dehydration..HELP

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To start out this is my first child..I was in the hospital a month after birth for 3 weeks and my dad was in the hospital after he was born for 3 months..We both were unable to add weight, in fact it was decreasing because of diahrea..Now my child went into the hospital for what seems to be the same thing, she actually was within 2 days of me being in the hospital and within 5% of the weight I lost..However she also had the rotovirus and while in the hospital became dehydrated, lost almost 2 pounds in 36 hours, the IV was disconnected and then was not working properly..We finally had to have a feeding tube inserted into her neck.. It has been 2 weeks we are back to her birth weight still loose stools and I think we have done every test ..Yesterday we did an edioscope (forgive my spelling) and nothing looked abnormal..We sent samples out to be tested, still eaiting on results...They want to keep runing tests..I am not sure what they are looking to find.. We are so lost and worried..Is it possible it could be what I had...
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could be rotavirus - they can test her stool to be sure.

other caues - could be a reaction to any milk based formulas. or, if she is breastfed, milk in your diet. if they are using formula in the feeding tube, ask for a hypoallergenic one like nutramigen or alimentum and see if that helps.

endoscopy is no fun, we've had one - hope they find answers soon!
Yes we are now on Neocate
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