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rough skin?

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My 5mo old has had rough patches on his skin since about his 2nd month now the patches are starting to spread to his tummy. It is not anything visible just rough to the touch. Anything I need in my diet perhaps? I try to keep lotion on him and I tried baby oil but it broke him out in little red bumps. Any suggestions?
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Could be eczema? Sounds like my DD. I've done the whole elimination diet thing, but so far haven't found any direct trigger. What's worked really well for us on those spots is California Baby Calendula Cream - really rub it in, and you'll see results in a day or two. It's not greasy, either, unlike shea butter, Aquaphor, etc. Try it!
thanks - where do think I can find it
I don't know about the California brand, but Weleda makes a baby calendula cream (I just got some from the Frontier co-op on the Trading Post!). You could find this at most HFS and probably in the natural products section of grocery stores.
I've gotten the California Baby Calendula Cream at Whole Foods and also at a natural apothecary (Merz Apothecary in Chicago - maybe they have a website?). I love the Weleda line, too, but its calendula cream has lanolin in it, I think, which can be an allergen for some very sensitive kiddies.
We also use California Baby Callendula Cream, Aquaphor (it's super thick), and Burt's Bees Apricot Oil. The trick is to just be consistent and put something on their legs about 3-4 times per day. We also don't bathe ds every day like we were. Now, he gets a bath once or twice a week. His skin is baby soft now!
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My ds had something really similar: skin like sandpaper, but not too visibly irritated.
It cleared up quickly after I quit dairy for other reasons.

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