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Roundabout cover??

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Does anyone know how hard this would be to make? We're moving DD up into a new Britax Boulevard, and the older Roundabout will be used for new baby. The cover we have is just about shot, though, and I'd like to make a new one. The cost to buy one new is around $50!

Has anyone successfully sewn a replacement cover for their Roundabout?

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I don't know anything about making one and I would be hesitant about doing so. The covers that are sold with the seats or as replacement covers by Britax are crash tested and meant to be used with the seat. Making or using another brand of cover will likely void any liability Britax would have if you were in an accident and your child was injured. If you want to go ahead and make one I would call Britax first and ask about it 1-888-4BRITAX.
I'm sure it wouldn't be to hard to make a decorative cover, but the acutal Britax covers have the padding sewn into them so I would not recommend making one yourself. As a long-time seamstress who doesn't hesitate to take on difficult projects, I sprung for a new cover for our 4 yr old RA (now 5!) and didn't regret it for a moment, it's totally worth the $$. You can also try Ebay for good deals on replacement covers, or even used ones in great condition.
Thanks for the advice guys. I'm thinking then, I can still sew something to cover the existing cover, KWIM? Like let all the original stuff on, just make a top cover to go over it all. No padding or anything. Do you think that will compromise the safety of the seat?
Car seat safety experts recommend that you do not use any car seat accessory that does not come with the seat or is sold by the manufacturer for that seat. I don't think anyone here is qualified to say if adding a layer would be ok, you know? I would call this number that Trish gave:

If you want to go ahead and make one I would call Britax first and ask about it 1-888-4BRITAX
Me, I would not sew my own cover or cover the existing cover.
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