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Royce Edward came into the world by c-section at 1:37am on Tues, June 7th after 30 hours of labor.

Because of my rising BP and swelling, my mw wanted to induce me last week, so I checked into the hospital for three doses of cervadil--nothing happened. I got to go home for the weekend and then went back in on Sun for three doses of cytotec (I spent a long time weighing the risks of this, but decided to go ahead with it).

The cytotec was given in three hour intervals--at the end of the first dose, I'd dilated a fingertip, by the second, it was one and a half, and by the third, it was 2 and half. So, I was making some progress but not as fast as I'd hoped, especially since my water had broken at the end of dose two and the contractions had gone from heavy menstral cramps to me punching the wall and screaming. I couldn't get an epidural until I was about 3 cm, but my mw called in a shot of stadol and fenergan which put me out for a couple of hours of much needed rest, but didn't do anything for the pain, so as soon as the drugged state started to pass, the contractions jolted me awake and I spent a couple more hours screaming through them and passing out in between. I tried to do all of the techniques we'd read about and learned in our birthing class, but the pain was overwhelming--I felt so bad for my Dh who was a rock when I was begging him to make it stop and calling for my mother. I'd like to think that I could've handled it better if the ctx had come on more gradually, but it's hard to say.

The anesthesiologist had no trouble putting in the epidural and it made an almost immediate difference--I slept on and off for several more hours while contracting and dilating. Unfortunately, the pain kept getting worse, particularly in my hips, so I got my epi topped off a couple of times--turns out I was about 8cm at this point and going through transition, complete with shaking and vomiting. The next time my mw checked me I was at 10cm with a little lip, which I got rid of with another couple of ctx.

I was pretty happy to hear I was completely dilated and ready to push, so we started pushing--since I had all kinds of monitors, catheters, and probes attached to me at this point, I had to push mostly on my back, but it felt good to push, at first anyway. Then pushing became extremely painful, and I felt it in my sides and hips again--after two hours of very focused work, some of which was on my hands and knees, he'd gone from a -3 to a 0, but showed no signs of dropping any lower. I couldn't do it anymore--the pain was so intense, so I choose to have a c-section.

The anesthesiologist came in fairly quickly to give me a shot to make me comfortable, and then the OB explained the surgery to me and took my dh off to get changed. The surgery itself went really well--everyone was very nice and took time to make sure I was ok and knew what was happening. Afterwards, my dh met me in recovery for a couple of hours and then I went to the maternity floor and he went home for some well-deserved rest. I saw my baby a few hours later after they'd finished all the tests, etc, and he spent most of the next few days with me.

The OB came by yesterday and decided that we were doing well enough to go home, so we've been recuperating at home since last night. My incision is still painful, but Royce is doing so well, and even though he had a bottle of formula his first night because his blood sugar was really low, we haven't had any breastfeeding problems (knock on wood). He's really beautiful and I love him so much--he was totally worth it.

I had wanted a wonderful natural birth and ended up with a c-section with every intervention you can think of, but I'm ok with it. We made each decision with as much information as we could, just trying to do the best thing for the baby and for me--I never felt out of control, or like things were being done to me, which made a big difference. We're still not sure why he wouldn't descend but figure he was badly positioned--would he have moved better if this labor had progressed naturally--probably, but that wasn't a choice we had once my water broke.

Whew, that was long! Oh, and he's waking up--hope you are all enjoying your new little ones or will have them in your arms soon!!!
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