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RRRR my DS hates CDs!!!

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I have tried so many pocket type CDs and my Ds hates it when I put them on him. He is 23 months old and I used sposies sence he was born. I am trying to get into CDs full time, but every time I put them on him he
says "caca" or "poopie" and pulls at the diaper. I have a new baby coming in June, and will start right off with her. I have made so many CDs though and want to find the right one. I bought some really fuzzy material at Wally world the other day and made a liner from that. He was okay with it until he pulled the side of the wrap (proraps) and the velcro started bothering his leg. I love making the dipies so I really want to continue. Has anyone else had a baby used to sposies and not like the CDs?
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My son doesn't mind wearing his for the most part (he's 26 months), but his naps are a LOT shorter if he's wearing cloth. Right now I'm so exhausted from being pg that I put him in a sposie for naptime just so I can get some rest. I didn't figure it would be a problem with my DS because he wears FB & other pockets that are microfleece lined. I guess even those don't feel dry enough for him. Hope you can find something that works!
Is he interested in pottying at all? Does he remove the diaper right away or after some time? I would experiment and see what happens if I take him to potty when he pulls at his diaper.

I hear you! I love making dipes, too!
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My oldest dd would never wear them. She particularly hated velcro. She has SID and I think the dry feeling of sposies was simply more tolerable for her. Dd#2 liked cloth & hated sposies the couple of times I had to use them. Ds just hates diapers - all of them.
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Maybe he's not used to the extra bulk?
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