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Rubbery, Stringy Poop?

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Hi there,

DD is just over 6 weeks old. I have had a nasty stomach bug the last few days, and I just got over it about a day and a half ago. (Thannk god...) I noticed that for about 4-5 days now, DD has had rubbery, stringy, mucousy poop that sticks to her bum like a film. Not sure what to think, or how to go about solving this. Any thoughts? She's EBF. Could it be foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, or is it something else?

If it is FM/ HM imbalance, what tricks do you all use to help you remember which boob to feed off of next? I'm so bad at remembering...
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I don't know what could be causing it (though I recall dd having stringy-ish poo when younger).


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...what tricks do you all use to help you remember which boob to feed off of next? I'm so bad at remembering...
As far as this goes, I just squeeze.
Whichever breast feels fuller is the side dd needs to eat from. I have, however, heard of women putting a rubber band on their wrist that needs to be fed from and then swapping it to the other wrist after feeding.
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Could it also do with the fact that it coincided with me starting to use Fuzzybunz and Bumgenius diapers with her?
Sometimes mucusy poop like that can be a sign of a food allergy... my friends whose kids have them (dairy especially) had poop that was almost like cervical mucus.
I am currently breastfeeding and my daughter was having a hard time pooping so we got those supositories that our doc said to get and when she finally pooed it was exactly like your describing so I called the doc and she said that I need to quit drinking milk and lower my dairy intake. I did and the poop went back to normal so I agree that its a food alergy to milk..........but my doc say our babies will most likely outgrow this..........and this is why we have to wait till they are one to feed them dairy.
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My baby had that for a few days in a row aroun, oh, I want to say about 2 months old, no changes, no allergies or food sensitivities, I didn't have a cold, etc. It went away on it's own and I didn't worry about it.
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