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Originally Posted by CookAMH View Post
I know it can cause arthritis in adults, but are there any known risks to kids? My immunity came back positive from my pregnancy bloodwork, and I was vaccinated as a child. This is the one I am actually not sure about for any girls I have. Anyone have anything on the individual shot? I read that it's not very readily available as a single vaccine though it is made. If we did this one, it would be as a young child and would be the only shot we do.

Any thoughts?
For me the risk of my child getting rubella was not compelling enough to outweigh the risks of the least in my mind.

But just to give you an idea:
Here are the hard numbers for 2007. This is what I found for the last week of the year..... this is the total amount of cases reported to the CDC for 2007.....

Total reported cases to the cdc:

Disease Cases

Diptheria 0
Measles 28
Mumps 707
Rubella 12
Congenital rubella 0
Tetanus 19
Hib (under 5)
Sero b-17
Non sero b-141
Unknown b-187

Out of a population of 300 million people in the united states!!

check out my thread in resources

there is more you would probably like to check out.
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