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They say rubella is risky for women to get because it can cause birth defects in their unborn child (congenital rubella syndrome.) The stats alone showed me the vaccine is pretty worthless.

In 1966 (before the vaccine was even introduced) there was 11 cases of CRS (congenital rubella syndrome.) In 1967, there was 10 cases reported. In 1968 there was 14 cases reported. In 1969 when the vaccine was introduced the CDC recorded 31 cases of CRS. In 1970, it went to 77 cases. In 1971, 68 cases. By 1991, while the cases of RUBELLA itself (which is pretty harmless in itself) was just at 1,401, there was still 47 cases of CRS. In 1992, rubella cases dropped to 160 however CRS still had 11 cases, which is the exact number recorded by the CDC BEFORE the vaccine was introduced.

There may be less cases of rubella itself but not of CRS. In fact the opposite was true. Since the vaccine, rubella has declined yes (and that is what they use to try to get us to get it) but the birth defect aspect INCREASED after 1969 and didnt go back down to what it was pre-vaccine for almost 30 years.
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